What happened to Etsy?

What happened to the idea of artisans of handmade? Where did all the stunning shops go? Guess what? They're still there. They're just buried under a pile of resellers and grandma's crochet knits. We're not going to let that stop us, are we?

A CUT ABOVE THE RETSY is a curated database of the best shops Etsy has to offer. I live for great design, true craftsmanship and impeccable presentation. I wade through the dregs so you don't have to. Scroll through my blog, browse the categories, or use the search bar*. You'll quickly recognise the standard of excellence I'm setting.

Every shop featured here ticks all the boxes.


Mélanie Beauvironnois
Head Curator
Frenchie based in Melbourne, Australia.

Frequently asked questions

How do you decide which shops are listed? 
A CUT ABOVE THE RETSY is a curated collection. All shops are selected based on the overall quality of their items, photographs, presentation and feedback rating. While sales numbers do factor, high sales are not a prerequisite.

Can I submit my shop? 
Yes. To submit a shop, email its URL only to acutabovetheretsy[at]gmail.com (please write "Submission" in the subject line). No correspondence will be entered into regarding the non-inclusion of a shop. If your shop made the cut, it will be featured within twelve weeks of your submission. Please ensure that you are not already featured before sending me your link (simply search for your shop name), thank you.

Is there a listing fee?
Absolutely not.

Why isn't my shop listed? 
There are a number of reasons why a shop might not be selected for A CUT ABOVE THE RETSY. Featured shops must not only have great items for sale, but also a professionally-presented, consistent shopfront. Poor feedback rating is also a factor. I am looking for shops that are current, fashionable and unique. Shops that sell mass-produced or out-of-date items will have a hard time making the cut.

How do I advertise on your blog? 
If you wish to purchase a banner,  please contact me at acutabovetheretsy[at]gmail.com. Please note that I reserve the right to decline an advertisement based on either the vendor, or the quality of the banner. 

Can I submit products for promotional giveaways? 
Of course. Simply send a link to your store and product(s) to acutabovetheretsy[at]gmail.com for consideration.

I was once featured on your site, but I cannot find my shop anymore. What happened?

I reserve the right to remove a shop at any moment should I feel that its standards have slipped.

Some shops have no products showing. Is that normal?
Yes, it is. My blog shows a dynamic view of Etsy. When I list shops, they have a minimum of nine items in them. Some shop owners take breaks from production and leave their shopfront product-free, or sometimes set their shops on vacation mode which is why no products would show. However, if you notice that a link from my blog leads you to the "Uh-Oh" page on Etsy, please feel free to let me know by emailing me as this usually means that the shop has closed.

I follow you via Blogger/Bloglovin and all I see is coding when you post something new. Is that normal?
Yes, it is. Most of my posts only contain Etsy coding, which is why I encourage you to follow me on Facebook, Instagram (@acutabovetheretsy), and Pinterest instead. Alternatively, you can sign up to my newsletter.

* Please try both singular and plural, and remember that I am based in Australia, so I use UK English. Thank you!